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Finally the mexican side scroller market is getting some attention

In a recent attempt to gain more favor in the majority of his country’s voters, Mexican Presidential candidate Felipe Calderon, has reached out to the gamers. With over 2/3rds of Mexico’s population being under 30, the current Presidente, Vicente Fox, has a strong hold over that demographic by attending many rock concerts and other more youth involved activities. In a similar attempt Calderon has created a video game in which he shoots speech bubbles at his dinosaur and squid competition, on the road to gain more voters. Needless to say the game is terribly designed. You can counter your opponents’ projectiles by shooting one of your own, since the application can’t hold that many items on the screen at the same time. You’re also pretty much invincible throughout the game, with the exception of getting stuck being a scrolling screen when you’re trapped. You can find the link here:
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