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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
8:59 pm
Trailers trailers trailers
Starring Broken Lizard | Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen | Directed by Larry Charles

Starring Jason Statham | Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor

Starring Ben Affleck and Adrien Brody | Directed by Allen Coulter

The Oh in Ohio
Starring Paul Rudd and Parker Posey | Directed by Billy Kent

The Prestige
Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman | Directed by Christopher Nolan

Running With Scissors
Starring Brian Cox and Joseph Cross | Directed by Ryan Murphy

Spider-Man 3
Starring Tobey Maguire | Directed by Sam Raimi

Stranger Than Fiction
Starring Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell | Directed by Marc Forster

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Directed by Kevin Munroe
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
9:49 pm
Monday, March 4th, 2002
9:00 am
Peanut Butter Trailer Time
Accepted | dir. Steve Pink
Arthur and the Minimoys | dir. Luc Besson
Dead Man's Shoes | dir. Shane Meadows
The Devil Wears Prada | dir. David Frankel
District B13 | dir. Pierre Morel
My Super Ex-Girlfriend | dir. Ivan Reitman
Scoop | dir. Woody Allen
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning | dir. Jonathan Liebsman
The Wicker Man | dir. Neil LaBute
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
9:40 am
John Woo's Stranglehold
Hopefully (I can't see the videos themselves on this server, so I have to hope I linked them right) these are two different trailers for the upcoming video game sequel to the 1991 cult-classic John Woo Hong Kong action flick Hard-Boiled. As you can see from the videos, the game, Stranglehold, reunites director John Woo and star Chow-Yun Fat. The game seems to properly reproduce the ridiculous action stylings of the film, which, if you haven't seen it, is highly reccomended.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Stay tuned -- look for more during the show, maybe.

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Monday, January 28th, 2002
9:03 am
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
12:25 pm
how about some MOVIE TRAILERS wooooot
Art School Confidential
Teaser QuickTime | YouTube
Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
This movie looks pretty funny, but it's certainly a smaller release. Sony seems to be counterprogramming it against Mission: Impossible III this weekend in LA/NY and then against The Da Vinci Code on the 19th. I've read some reviews that say it isn't very good but maybe they edited it since Sundance. In any case, there will likely be a lot of good laughs, even if it doesn't live up to the trailers. It was directed by Terry Zwigoff and writtnen by Daniel Clowes, who previously collaborated on Ghost World.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Looks intriguing, but there's not much in this teaser trailer.

Clerks II
I posted this last week but I figured I'd post it again just in case you missed it, I kind of posted it at the very end of the show. I think it looks good, even if other people seem to think it looks bad. I don't think it will live up to the original -- a contemporary comedy classic -- but it still looks pretty funny to me.

Casino Royale
QuickTime | YouTube
Everyone keeps complaining about this trailer. I don't understand why. It looks good. It looks great. It may just be an action movie, but then again, all of the James Bond movies are at heart just action movies. Plus, this teaser is barely a minute long -- what is there to really judge? Having seen last year's Layer Cake, I think Daniel Craig icapable of playing the role, although I did have a lot of reservations about him and still do, considering he's following up one of the better Bonds in Pierce Brosnan (certainly Brosnan looked and sounded like what the character seems to be meant to be). However, people are blowing the casting of him as a bad move WAY out of proportion.

The Da Vinci Code
QuickTime | YouTube
I wasn't so keen on the totally footage-free teaser trailer or even the second teaser trailer but finally this theatrical trailer for The Da Vinci Code makes it look like a movie worth seeing. Tom Hanks' hair may look funky, but he seems to be good casting and anyone who doesn't like Audrey Tatou is crazy. I also have to say: hopefully Jean Reno gets more screen time in the film than he does in these trailers, because Jean Reno is awesome.

Little Man
QuickTime | YouTube
This is not a movie I am looking forward to. This is a movie I am warning you is in existence. You need to be aware. Terrible things could happen if you were to turn on the TV one day and see this, unsuspecting. People will probably die.

An Inconvenient Truth
QuickTime | YouTube
The documentary sounds interesting but I just think the advertising tags in the trailer for this movie are ridiculously funny. If you care about your firstborn, you will watch the trailer.

The Omen
International Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
US Theatrical Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
Hats off to the most unneccesary remake of 2006! The direction looks alright and the performances seem okay, but the massive problem with The Omen 2006 is that it looks, well, exactly like The Omen 1976. I've heard recently that the new one is even using the same script, which to me signifies as much of a cash-in as you could possibly get. It's a real shame, because The Omen is a masterpiece of creepiness and certainly the filmmakers could have made a new version that lived up to that, but instead they decided to just copy the first one. Meh.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
QuickTime | YouTube
Meh again. I do want to see this movie and I hope it will be a lot of fun, but I preferred the teaser trailer to this trailer, which just seems kind of dull for some reason. The production design looks amazing and the action fun, but I can't help but think that a bunch of cursed pirates that have been turned into something else is more than a little like the first one -- hopefully the film proves me wrong and isn't just a stale rehash of the original.

Superman Returns
QuickTime | YouTube
I admit it -- I'm not a big fan of Superman. He seems rather boring as a superhero. He doesn't really have any pathos, he just saves the day and romances the girl and it all seems very basic, because, of course, he was the first. As for this trailer, it looks like a film that would be breathtaking on IMAX and I can't wait to see Kevin Spacey go totally crazy as Lex Luthor. Lose the joke at the end of the trailer, though, please?

I know. Nobody cares about this movie but us film geeks. It was directed by Richard E. Grant, who starred in a great movie called How to Get Ahead in Advertising that I know everyone out there would hate because it's all weird and stuff, and because of that I watched this trailer, which looks good. I might go see it, I guess it's playing at the Seattle International Film Festival.


This movie looks great. Weird and creative and interesting and great. Watch the trailer, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, that's all for now.


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10:23 am
More trailers!
Here are a few more trailers that have popped up in the last couple of weeks. Don't forget to tune in to tonight's show at 9 pm.

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Friday, April 28th, 2006
11:06 am
Here is a list of a few games coming out that have caught my eye. You might be wondering why there is no PS3 section, but that's as of right now all PS3 games are bing released cross platform as far as I can see. I linked all trailers from IGN, because I'm lazy, and they have a lot of them.

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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
11:43 pm
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
4:08 pm
Things I will talk about tonight
Okay okay I will post something here. Besides that image I already posted and sent to all five of our listeners, including the guy in Kent, England (he thought it was great).

Tonight I will be talking about the internet stalker movie Hard Candy, Howl's Moving Castle, Fun With Dick and Jane, Hostel, A History of Violence, The Ice Harvest, Good Night and Good Luck, American Dreamz, RV, United 93 and Mission: Impossible III. I might also talk about more stuff than that.

I rented The Godfather Game but I have not and am not playing it yet. Hopefully before next week's show.

And that's all I'm going to say because I am lazy.

The end!
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
3:52 pm
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
11:10 pm
No, Not the actor Jack Thompson
For those of you that are not in the know, whenever you hear about someone in the news talking about how the effects of violent video games are causing today’s youth to lash out in violent crimes, you’re most likely hearing about Jack Thompson. Florida attorney Jack Thompson has been involved in attacking entertainment media for many years, including 2 live crew and N.W.A.. Most recently and consistently he’s been attacking Rockstar Games for their ever popular Grand Theft Auto series. Since the hot coffee incident, where you could have virtual sex with your virtual girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Thompson has been on an unending quest to shut down Rockstar Games. Time and time again he claims with every emerging piece of evidence that could be twisted against ANY video game, that Rockstar will be bankrupt within the year. Unfortunately for Mr. Thompson, Grand Theft Auto sales continue to sky rocket with the popular Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP, and will most likely even increase with its release on the PS2. Thompson has also tried to link actual crimes with the influence of video games. In the unfortunate slayings of 3 officers, Devin Moore claimed he got the idea from Grand Theft Auto III. Wasting no time, Thompson seemed to believe this was undeniable proof of the influence of violent video games. He attempted several times to pass laws in several states ranging from California to Michigan to regulate video game content, but in every case it has been deemed unconstitutional or is temporarily under suspension until the court day where it will be addressed. With many failures, Thompson attempted to parody “A modest Proposal” and offered 10 thousand dollars U.S. to any game designer who would make a game based around a father shooting video game executives after his son became a victim to the video game master minds. Unfortunately, someone called his bluff, to which he edited his previous statement, and donated the 10 thousand to a charity of their choice. Penny Arcade mockingly sent an email to Jack Thompson, bragging about how their charity Child’s Play, raised over half a million to aid sick children, but Jack could only cough up 10 grand. Thompson immediately responded by calling the web comic designers and informed them if they ever emailed him again, he’d sue them for harassment. They in turn responded by funding the game designers the previously promised 10 thousand dollars, to which Jack responded by faxing the Seattle Police Department demanding they be arrested for unconfirmable crimes. After letters to the Florida board of law, Jack was then told to stop his attacks or else be barred from Florida state law. As of late, Jack has been trolling message boards dealing specifically with games and politics, still making ridiculous claims about how all gamers are drug induced delinquents, training to be brainwashed killing machines.

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11:09 pm
Finally the mexican side scroller market is getting some attention
In a recent attempt to gain more favor in the majority of his country’s voters, Mexican Presidential candidate Felipe Calderon, has reached out to the gamers. With over 2/3rds of Mexico’s population being under 30, the current Presidente, Vicente Fox, has a strong hold over that demographic by attending many rock concerts and other more youth involved activities. In a similar attempt Calderon has created a video game in which he shoots speech bubbles at his dinosaur and squid competition, on the road to gain more voters. Needless to say the game is terribly designed. You can counter your opponents’ projectiles by shooting one of your own, since the application can’t hold that many items on the screen at the same time. You’re also pretty much invincible throughout the game, with the exception of getting stuck being a scrolling screen when you’re trapped. You can find the link here: http://www.felipe-calderon.org/fc/html/juego/index.htm

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10:34 pm
A quick blurb on hunters
The Metroid legacy’s recent move to multiplayer FPS on a hand held is more than a step in the right direction. Not only does it utilize a feature Metroid Prime 2: Echoes failed to execute, but it is doing so on a platform they seem to have a staunch control over the market world wide. This is not only good for Metroid Hunters, but for the entire franchise itself. From the early days of the side scroller, Metroid has always been situation for solo play; the story line even necessitates it. When Metroid Prime came out, it seemed to many just an attempt to revamp an old favorite to start up what they had anew, but I predict stronger things coming from the Metroid series because of the increase of playable characters. This will reflect on Nintendo character encompassing games such as Super Smash Brothers. Selectable characters wont be limited to just Mario brothers and Pokemon anymore. Stronger still is the idea of a first person shooter release for the bigger console. It wouldn’t be too hard to make a two person story mode available, or even more so. It could even expand into a huge world like game, where you play as a character in the Metroid universe. When you change the playable characters in a game, you open up a great number of possibilities. Before there’d be no way to make a Metroid MMO but now there are other playable characters, I don’t see what would stop it conceptually. Nintendo continues to innovate even in chapters that might have been in their closing pages.

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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
12:51 am
Black: Not just tricks of light and shadow
If you like first person shooters, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Black for the PS2 in the past few months. Buzz words like “Gun Porn” are casually thrown around, which leaves many critics saying that the game is nothing more than flashes of light and pops and whirls. The game’s overwhelming strong point is the utter devotion to graphics and audio quality. Review after review raves about the necessity to play this game in a home entertainment system. Black seems to play up the one trick that many first person shooters try to use, a prettier game, while offering little for game play. In my honest opinion, Black has a little bit more depth than buzz words and cinematic trailers can explain.

The plot of the game surrounds an Black Ops operative, who is searching for an American traitor turned terrorist, but instead is blah blah blah. They try really hard for you to pay attention to the cut scenes. They invested in hiring actual actors to help movie the cut scenes along, but unfortunately didn’t employ any kind of skip button. I found myself very annoyed when I had to sit through 4 minutes of a black screen with credits of the designers rolling, only to hear more pointless dialogue. Maybe if the direction of the cut scenes was a bit more action packed, or better written, it’d be able to keep more people’s attention, but I only found myself frustrated with cut scenes that really offered me nothing.

As where I found myself completely bored with the plot, the game play does significantly make up for how much time it makes you waste with hidden faces with voice-overs. As a Black ops operative, you are responsible to destroy large terrorist encampments of numerous soldiers, with no to very little help. Many points in the game you are constantly being overwhelmed with multiple kinds of fire that will constantly respawn until you disable a particular machine gun nest or complete some side mission. This can prove to be very difficult since almost every opponent in the game is covered with ridiculous amounts of body armor. I can understand an Uzi not being able to penetrate a bullet proof vest, but when I fire a whole round of a fully automatic machine gun into someone’s chest at point blank range, they need to be cut in half at the very least. Or when I throw a couple grenades into a group of terrorists hiding behind riot shields, they shouldn’t simply be able to cancel out the concussion wave it creates by hunkering down. Needless to say, the game over emphasizes head shots. I found it more useful to switch my semi automatic weapon to burst fire to conserve rounds rather than just unloading into knee caps so I can more effectively disable my opponent.

There are other short comings in the game. While the ammo is bountiful, weapons are not. Despite the fact you, at times, regularly fight terrorists utilizing Magnums, you are only able to find a usable Magnum about 3 times in the entire game. The limitation of only being able to carry two guns at a time, while somewhat realistic, is misused. I can understand why it’d be difficult to carry a RPG and a machine gun and anything else, but for a character to carry a collapsible Mp5 and a magnum, and not being able to wield another pistol seems a bit far fetched. Another thing someone brought to my attention is the lack of knives in the game. True the butt of a rifle is just as good as a sharp edge, but I would hope the Black Ops carry a close combat weapon for more delicate situations. The game very comfortably emphasizes guns, but makes no use of other weapons. True a well placed grenade in the game can make the difference between a slim victory and utter defeat, there is no tactical grenades, laser sites, C4, any espionage equipment. or anything beyond picking up a silencer here and there to aid in long range sniping.

Most likely my favorite aspect of the game is the interactive environment. Yes, while there are still the infamous red exploding barrels, the game makes it a point to go beyond that. You are able to, with “well” placed assaults, explode industrial sized tanks and cars, blow away entire sides of walls, destroy crates filled with a wide assortment of contents, windows, doors, tables, safes, laptops, shelves, nearly everything in the game is able to be destroyed. But this goes both ways. You simply need to shoot a car in a very general area to cause a huge explosion. Shooting a mechanical fan staged high in a building will cause entire walls to collapse in on themselves after exploding, as if the building was laced with C4. Shotguns are able to bring down ridiculously heavy metal doors with one shot, without ricocheting back or anything similar. In fact, if you don’t have a shotgun, you’ll find it very difficult to enter any closed room in the game. Sure, a well placed grenade or RPG will do the trick, but unless you desperately need to get in there, that’s pretty wasteful. This is probably the strongest selling point for this game, in my opinion. First person shooters need to take a lesson from Black, and make the battlefield more of a tool than giant red barrels near spawn points for enemies.

Don’t be mistaken, though. The game is far from any acceptable level of depth an honestly ground breaking game would have. For starters, the levels are limited to 8 locations, and 4 difficulties. The Artificial Intelligence really makes no increase in difficultly what so ever. Ammo is plentiful in all difficulties, and if you are careful enough, health can be available at nearly any time. The replay-ability is rather unimportant as well, since they only rewards you gain are unlimited ammo or one unlockable gun. Black is a strong step in a very positive direction for first person shooters. Where it lacks in plot and length, it makes up for with senseless destruction and impressive battles. In short, it has enough to be worth renting, but I wouldn’t buy it.

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
10:29 pm
Over the past few weeks, you might have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of research into the PSP. When the show started I noticed all the fellow djs here sing only high praise of DS, and totally disregard the PSP for any merit. It became my mission to go out and compile a fine review on what I thought about the PSP, and in my attempts, to be honest, has nearly convinced myself of buying one. With every fine discovery I’ve made, I’ve made a small report on this show, but for those of you who missed it, let’s go over the finer points about the PSP, which I feel are completely creditable.

The biggest complaint I hear about the PSP, is the “lack of good games”. True, Nintendo DS seems to have the upper hand with releasing top selling game after top selling game, but that doesn’t mean Playstation’s games are without merit. Grand Theft Auto: Stories of Liberty City, is doing great in sales, and is getting massive recognition from gamers. But after reading up on some of the up and coming releases PSP has coming out, I caution many of you DS fans, you might be hearing a lot more about PSP titles.

Metal Gear Acid 2 is getting a fair share of hype, especially considering Metal Gear Acid 1 was almost a failure. Many people who have played the demos seem to love this take on the metal gear series. Instead of real time combat, the game is based around a turn system. But possibly the greatest twist is it’s a card game. That’s right, a card game, where your weapons, keys and techniques are based upon what cards you lay at the time. The strategy behind it all becomes very complex, since traps and unseen guards dramatically alter the outcome of your plan. But it will remain just as insane and quirky as the others in the series. I know most Collectible Card Game players will eat this up.

Probably my most anticipated PSP game coming out is Me & My Katamari. I picked up Katamari Damacy and We <3 Katamari this year, and I believe Damacy to be the best game I’ve played all year. While unfortunately your Katamari will be skipping the DS’s touch pad, Playstation has made sure they let people know how it will be used. Since the lack of two joysticks would make controlling the Katamari a bit more difficult, players will move the Katamari using the D pad and the function buttons. They’ve also added a new quick turn technique with the trigger buttons. There will be a few new songs added to the sound track of Katamari, but mostly you’ll hear the same beautiful songs from the last games. It sounds like it’s more of the same, except now you can actually compete wirelessly against up to 4 players, to build Katamaris which will be used to build tiny islands for animals.

Another game that has caught my eye is Tokobots. At first glace it seems to be a knock off of Pikmin, but diving deeper, you see a game screaming with potential. You are completing missions with the aid of a team of robots, who under your command can form bridges, helicopters, ropes, and many other helpful tools. Think Pikmin meets Mega man.

While there are many other PSP releases I could talk about, I don’t want to limp around talking about all the great titles coming out. So let’s talk about some of the PSP’s other benefits.

It is a revolutionary hand held device connecting a media function to a gaming function. You can play music, watch movies, share pictures, and play Tony Hawk’s Sk8 or Die. But probably the most interesting aspects of the PSP’s media, is the unexpected ones. Apparently the image viewer has found a new use, where you can download files on your PSP which make up anything from a virtual radio station, to a global newspaper. Companies are already releasing specific zines for the PSP, loaded with music, movie trailers, ads, and of course, information on anything from the president, to how to hack your PSP.

Speaking of hacking into your PSP, the ability to download a run virtually any application has been exploited into a way to make your PSP into an emulator. With the right downgrades here and there you can find a way to play PS1, NES, SNES, PC, Sega Genesis, and gameboy games not to mention multiple other applications.

So as far as game play goes, while Nintendo might be better on introducing innovation to the games, Playstation is doing a great job with converging games into an already growing field. Ipods and blackberries, laptops and telephone cameras, the PSP is just another addition to the day in the future when everyone has a toy that can basically do anything they could do at home. Especially with the wireless functions, I can’t really see the PSP being a failure to Sony, or to anyone who picks it up.

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12:16 am
City of Villains
I've been playing a LOT of city of villains recently. I'm not a big fan of MMORPGs mostly because of how expensive they are, but I decided to give CoV a free month trial. My experience with MMOs has primarily been Everquest 1 and 2. The appeal of CoH and CoV has been strong since I first saw the box in a store. The concept of running around playing super hero was a much needed break from the Guild Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, WoW, and EQ Fantasy MMOs. Many of you know I'd really like to see more innovation in MMOs, as far as setting goes, so this game was fairly exciting when I picked it up.

Let's get down to brass tacks here, and discuss exactly what I don't like about this game. Instance zones. Not just instance zones in particular, because it is fairly nice in a game to not have to compete with another group for mobs, but most of the settings for the instanced zones are incredibly limited. You twist and turn your way through tight corridors. It gives more than an unfair advantage to the NPCs because of how they're placed for ambushes, which is in part, a contributor to the largest problem in this game. Pulling or getting strategic positions against opponents in the game is nearly impossible. They're aggro range is ridiculously perceptive, and pulling is nearly impossible besides one enemy in a mob that patrols an area. This diversely effects the game play and strategy. With virtually no pulling, and the only way to gain a close range position on the competition is with a sneaking or invisibility skill, there is nearly no tactics you can employ. Damage support cannot sneak up from behind after a tank has established enough aggro because of the sheer numbers of enemies that attack so swiftly. Battles become nothing more than disorganized rushes where healers desperately try to convince everyone to stay in range to keep them alive. The game itself becomes more of a push button MMO. A game where strategy is so limited all you can do is press a button to use a skill as soon as it's available. A big disadvantage in this kind of MMO is the insufficient class structures for Villains. There is no definitive tank, nor healer. There is a plethora of DPS running around with minor healers simply trying to stay alive. The alternative to DPS is basically buffs or debuffs. These have limited effectiveness though, since none are primarily buffs or debuffs, and while they do help the ones that are buffs are actually some of the best DPS. Would you rather be the one who deals out the decisive blows? Or the jerk who runs around trying to rally everyone away from their fights for minor heals and buffs that have limited potential for advancement?

Even more annoying about these instance zones is the difficulty multiplies by the number of group members you have. So rather than hunting for mobs in an area that would be more than challenging to take on yourself, it really doesn't matter where you hunt as long as the average group level is above that of the mission. It becomes almost formulaic.

It's in my personal opinion that it's almost better to solo. In fact, while it is more time consuming, hunting mobs outside of instance zones, and launching very tactical strikes against inner zoned mobs, is a lot more fun than just utter chaos in tunnels. The characters are nearly built for it. The way the classes are split up with different abilities, almost makes every character a EQ Druid. Soon after grouping with the average Joe, I realized soloing was a lot more fun for me. I didn't have to deal with the annoying MMO player stereotypes, which make most MMOs utter dependence on grouping unbearable in the middle levels. This also helps side step the fact that your character really isn't that customizable. The elimination of equipment, basically leaves the costumes to differentiate between one character of the same class as another. You follow a basic pattern. Your robot creating force field using character will have the exact same powers as every other robotic mastermind out there. Stats don't really change, especially because of the lack of equipment, which only re-enforces the push button MMO style it has. Who can press the right button the most times at the right times is the better player of that class. So when you play alone, you don't need to worry about redundancies, or comparing yourself against a mirror basically.

The one thing I would nitpick the most about the game is something I really miss about Everquest. You cannot just randomly attack NPCS. That’s right, as a villain, you are forbidden from attacking and robbing civilians. Robbing banks and casinos is only allowed when you fulfill enough missions from your broker. You cannot just randomly show up at a bank and decide to rob it. Things like this shake the very philosophy of the game. Where Everquest 2’s division of the two cities, one being overwhelmingly good and the other being overwhelmingly evil, is annoying and really not something they should be trying to accomplish, CoV seems to have the exact opposite problem. There should be no division between the cities in Norrath (Everquest) because they are just warring nations, not forces of evil and good. But CoV you are actually playing a dark force. That’s the entire point of the game. There’s no gauge on how evil your deeds are. You can’t go on a mission to steal some rare artifact from orphans, then betray your contacts. It’s incredibly linear.

But most likely the best attribute of these games is the travel powers. While the powers you use to actually travel great distances are almost completely impractical in real battle because of the limitations on the settings, there is no denying it's fun to super jump from mission to mission, or fly from roof top to roof top. But I found the way they introduce these powers very conflicting. You cannot buy the ability to fly. You can't do special missions to get the technology to teleport. No, you actually have to use one of your level abilities to gain one of these. Players are faced with the choice of running fast, and dealing more damage with a new attack. Sure walking from mission to mission is a longer more boring process, but it does make the battles a little bit easier on you.

There are toss ups in the game. Instead of spending vast sums of money and time on equipment, you spend every other level on enhancements of your powers. But these enhancements don't really seem to do much for you. Your abilities naturally advance as you do, and you don't spend your levels on specific advancements for each skill, rather on slots that you have to buy the enhancements to fill. You never have enough money to keep up with this ridiculous venture. It doesn't replace equipment at all. Instead, it eliminates equipment and makes leveling a slower and more annoying process.

But don't get me wrong, there are good things with the game. The character customization function is ridiculously fun. I could see expansions in the future that primarily add costumes. Soloing, as I've already said, is a more exciting and fulfilling experience than most MMOs. And if you do spend the time to get travel powers, you will be rewarded with an experience unmatched in MMOs.

Overall, is this game worth a monthly fee? Well they wont be getting any more of my money after this free week. I got a free 30 day trial, a free 14 day friend pass, hero clicks, a comic book, collectible cards, and the DVD edition, for a lot less than WoW costs. Am I satisfied with my buy? Yes, very much so. Especially considering that at any time if I do want to start it back up again, all I have to do is reactivate my account.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
8:12 pm
Did someone say LAN?
While there is no final word on a station sponsored LAN party, we'd still like to get feedback on how many people would be interested. We'd like to hear what games you'd like to play, how many people'd be interested, what kind of food should be offered, anything and everything possible. The more feedback you give, the more likely there will be an actual offical Pulse 1330 LAN party.

In other news, if you've noticed our musical selection is quite limited as of late, fear not, we are doing our best to remedy that situation. The format of the show differs from the actual format of the station just ever so slightly that we have to run everything manually without the help of the very expensive radio techology we have here. All the music you do hear is tracked down by your faithful dj's on our free time. We are making a stronger effort to track down more music for you, and even the big boss around here is making steps to letting us feed our music into the data base. But here's where you come in; Give us your requests. Whatever videogame or movie or television remixes you can get your hands on that you'd like us to play, call us in, or send us an IM with the info, or even leave a comment right here.

And last but not least, expect big things from this community. This week was off to a late start, but soon you'll have King Karate's movie reviews, informative links, my gaming articles, or whatever else we think you'd enjoy.

Don't forget to tune in, 9 pm to 12 am, thursday nights for your underground music gaming and movie source, Bullet Time.

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4:22 pm
Dave Chappelle on Oprah

Do you think Dave Chappelle is hiding some sort of big secret? I'll bring it up on tonight's show as a friend of mine has insisted that he is...I won't tell you what I think...yet.

Here are just a few of the things I'll be talking about on tonight's show.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party Trailer
Thank You For Smoking Trailer
Jason Reitman's Thank You For Smoking Director's Blog
The Woods Trailer (downloadable .avi)
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
12:43 am
Thursday, Feb. 16th
This week we have a great show lined up for you. King Karate will be joining us once again to talk about movies and hollywood in general. We have a special guest coming on to talk about some older games, and how the experience of gaming has developed over the years in his opinion. We have more about the PSP and DS wars, and oh yeah, Nokia is in there too. A little bit more on PAX, and possibly a local tournament coming up that you can participate in.

Remember to tune in Thursday Nights 9 pm to 12 am, and to check back here for reviews, summaries, upcoming promotions, and whatever else we couldn't fit into the show.

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