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Did someone say LAN?

While there is no final word on a station sponsored LAN party, we'd still like to get feedback on how many people would be interested. We'd like to hear what games you'd like to play, how many people'd be interested, what kind of food should be offered, anything and everything possible. The more feedback you give, the more likely there will be an actual offical Pulse 1330 LAN party.

In other news, if you've noticed our musical selection is quite limited as of late, fear not, we are doing our best to remedy that situation. The format of the show differs from the actual format of the station just ever so slightly that we have to run everything manually without the help of the very expensive radio techology we have here. All the music you do hear is tracked down by your faithful dj's on our free time. We are making a stronger effort to track down more music for you, and even the big boss around here is making steps to letting us feed our music into the data base. But here's where you come in; Give us your requests. Whatever videogame or movie or television remixes you can get your hands on that you'd like us to play, call us in, or send us an IM with the info, or even leave a comment right here.

And last but not least, expect big things from this community. This week was off to a late start, but soon you'll have King Karate's movie reviews, informative links, my gaming articles, or whatever else we think you'd enjoy.

Don't forget to tune in, 9 pm to 12 am, thursday nights for your underground music gaming and movie source, Bullet Time.
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