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how about some MOVIE TRAILERS wooooot

Art School Confidential
Teaser QuickTime | YouTube
Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
This movie looks pretty funny, but it's certainly a smaller release. Sony seems to be counterprogramming it against Mission: Impossible III this weekend in LA/NY and then against The Da Vinci Code on the 19th. I've read some reviews that say it isn't very good but maybe they edited it since Sundance. In any case, there will likely be a lot of good laughs, even if it doesn't live up to the trailers. It was directed by Terry Zwigoff and writtnen by Daniel Clowes, who previously collaborated on Ghost World.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Looks intriguing, but there's not much in this teaser trailer.

Clerks II
I posted this last week but I figured I'd post it again just in case you missed it, I kind of posted it at the very end of the show. I think it looks good, even if other people seem to think it looks bad. I don't think it will live up to the original -- a contemporary comedy classic -- but it still looks pretty funny to me.

Casino Royale
QuickTime | YouTube
Everyone keeps complaining about this trailer. I don't understand why. It looks good. It looks great. It may just be an action movie, but then again, all of the James Bond movies are at heart just action movies. Plus, this teaser is barely a minute long -- what is there to really judge? Having seen last year's Layer Cake, I think Daniel Craig icapable of playing the role, although I did have a lot of reservations about him and still do, considering he's following up one of the better Bonds in Pierce Brosnan (certainly Brosnan looked and sounded like what the character seems to be meant to be). However, people are blowing the casting of him as a bad move WAY out of proportion.

The Da Vinci Code
QuickTime | YouTube
I wasn't so keen on the totally footage-free teaser trailer or even the second teaser trailer but finally this theatrical trailer for The Da Vinci Code makes it look like a movie worth seeing. Tom Hanks' hair may look funky, but he seems to be good casting and anyone who doesn't like Audrey Tatou is crazy. I also have to say: hopefully Jean Reno gets more screen time in the film than he does in these trailers, because Jean Reno is awesome.

Little Man
QuickTime | YouTube
This is not a movie I am looking forward to. This is a movie I am warning you is in existence. You need to be aware. Terrible things could happen if you were to turn on the TV one day and see this, unsuspecting. People will probably die.

An Inconvenient Truth
QuickTime | YouTube
The documentary sounds interesting but I just think the advertising tags in the trailer for this movie are ridiculously funny. If you care about your firstborn, you will watch the trailer.

The Omen
International Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
US Theatrical Trailer QuickTime | YouTube
Hats off to the most unneccesary remake of 2006! The direction looks alright and the performances seem okay, but the massive problem with The Omen 2006 is that it looks, well, exactly like The Omen 1976. I've heard recently that the new one is even using the same script, which to me signifies as much of a cash-in as you could possibly get. It's a real shame, because The Omen is a masterpiece of creepiness and certainly the filmmakers could have made a new version that lived up to that, but instead they decided to just copy the first one. Meh.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
QuickTime | YouTube
Meh again. I do want to see this movie and I hope it will be a lot of fun, but I preferred the teaser trailer to this trailer, which just seems kind of dull for some reason. The production design looks amazing and the action fun, but I can't help but think that a bunch of cursed pirates that have been turned into something else is more than a little like the first one -- hopefully the film proves me wrong and isn't just a stale rehash of the original.

Superman Returns
QuickTime | YouTube
I admit it -- I'm not a big fan of Superman. He seems rather boring as a superhero. He doesn't really have any pathos, he just saves the day and romances the girl and it all seems very basic, because, of course, he was the first. As for this trailer, it looks like a film that would be breathtaking on IMAX and I can't wait to see Kevin Spacey go totally crazy as Lex Luthor. Lose the joke at the end of the trailer, though, please?

I know. Nobody cares about this movie but us film geeks. It was directed by Richard E. Grant, who starred in a great movie called How to Get Ahead in Advertising that I know everyone out there would hate because it's all weird and stuff, and because of that I watched this trailer, which looks good. I might go see it, I guess it's playing at the Seattle International Film Festival.


This movie looks great. Weird and creative and interesting and great. Watch the trailer, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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